WRDS Workflow

Harness the Power of Big Data with WRDS

WRDS is our cutting edge inspection workflow solution, including our groundbreaking predictive analytics and inspection data-mining services.

We can receive your requests and deliver the secure inspection data to you in virtually any way you wish. Whether through direct web service integration, through secure FTP or by using our state-of-the-art underwriting workflow system built into WRDS.

You can have your underwriting department running at peak efficiency with our inspection workflow system. WRDS allows your underwriting team to make decisions on prioritizing their review process based on our proprietary and fully customizable hazard scoring system. The hazard scoring system allows more informed decision-making on risks, and provides the flexibility to allocate inspections to your team members based on the condition of the risk , ITV, agency or zip code/county assignment and even days remaining in discovery period (by State). Then, when they take action, it allows managers to track their actions, and WRDS provides reporting and data mining services that allow you to really dig into issues by agency, branch, state, or globally. Better yet, if there are no issues and inspection is “clean” (according to your company guidelines), you by-pass underwriting completely thereby maximizing your department’s efficiency. Only look at the risks that you need to look at!

Our inspections capture hundreds of individual data points and with our user-friendly ad-hoc reporting interface, we allow you to analyze and dissect all of your data with ease. We make it simple to get the loss risk data on your book of business that you NEED to know.

We have also developed a system to put this technology, data and underwriting workflow system at your fingertips, fully customizable to your needs with little or no involvement from your IT Department. Whether you are big or small, JMI Reports has a technology solution for you. And the best part is, as always, it’s all completely free to our partners.

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