WRDS Online System

Easy ordering and tracking of all inspections, including a “Dashboard View” of all pending inspections and their current status. 24/7 access via the Web.

A valuable Activity Log attached to each inspection on the site which includes a “history” of calls, appointments, difficulties and various communications – a date and time stamped log that becomes a permanent part of each inspection. This is essentially a real-time three-way communication tool between the inspector in the field, the JMI office, and you as a Client.

Replacement Costs calculated with one Click! Complete integration with Marshall-Swift Boeckh (MSB) “RCT”, E2Value or ISO360.

Easy to read format of inspection reports with color coding, custom Hazard Scoring to match your specific underwriting guidelines, and large, clear photos.

Reports can be emailed directly to you or accessed and downloaded from the site. FTP and Web Services also available. All your data stored on our site for 5 years at no additional charge.

Very reasonable flat fee pricing that includes ALL necessary and/or requested photos and encompasses ALL areas of each state (no “Rural” or “Remote” charges) Data Mining and Management Reporting tools available for valuable analytics – all FREE with our service!