Become a Field Inspector

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Join the JMI Reports Team of Field Inspectors

Now’s your chance to choose your own hours and workload while earning supplemental income from a national insurance services company. Plus, there’s no selling or certifications required.

JMI Reports has an immediate demand for field inspectors nationwide to complete residential and commercial property insurance surveys as needed. Experience in insurance or field work isn’t essential to handle this role. Assessments are as easy as taking pictures on your smart phone and answering questions about what you see through our user-friendly app. We’ll use that data to produce the final comprehensive product for our customers.

What it Takes to Be a Field Inspector

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Reliable transportation
  • A smart phone or tablet and the ability to use our field inspector app to submit your findings
  • Professionalism on the job

The Freedoms of Being Your Own Boss

  • Set your own schedule
  • You decide the number of jobs you accept
  • Supplement your income
  • Never report to an office

Field inspectors are contacted to complete assessments based on needs in the area, and you accept only what you are willing and able to handle. This role is ideal for those who are looking for some extra income and can be free for a few daytime hours. Our onboarding process makes it easy to get started with training that can be done at home. You can begin small and increase your skill-level by completing additional training to qualify for higher paying inspections.

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About JMI Reports

JMI Reports is a leading risk assessment partner that provides onsite property data to the insurance industry.


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  • Do I need to climb a ladder or go under a crawl space?
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