JMI Employee Event Ignites the Company for Future Growth

JMI Employee Event Ignites the Company for Future Growth

Jan 20, 2019

Because our employees are stationed across several U.S. states to serve our many clients, our “family reunions” are an exciting time for the company.

This January, our 61 employees gathered to spend a full day at an offsite event space, Georgetown Restaurant and Vosh, Lakewood, OH to get informed, enlightened and excited about our future as a company.

2019 is a particularly significant year for JMI Reports, and while we can’t reveal our poker hand now, we can tell you that our major initiatives for the next several years are positioning us to better serve our clients and expand our growth. But even the best-laid plans are impossible without the full support and talent of an incredible team.

Executive team members Tim McKendry, Steve Harris, David McKendry, and Nathan Clark spoke on the elevated importance of partnerships, organizational structure, technology initiatives, and financial updates. The time together as a group reignited our passion for serving our clients, breaking ground in new areas to reinforce our value proposition to our clients:

Relationships: We achieve the most with clients and partners through our focus on collaboration.

Innovation: Our technology, agility, and industry connections enable us to be forward-thinking and bring innovation to life.

Ease: Our clients’ end-to-end efficiency drives us.

Despite our exciement for the future, this employee event wasn’t just about business and numbers. A cohesive team that works well together is also an essential foundation to not only reach our goals, but enjoy the journey along the way. We like to think that our rich family roots are alive today — our family has just grown larger.

We cherish the personal relationships we’ve built over time, solidified through a united act of service and mission toward making our clients’ jobs easier. A few games and a Happy Hour certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

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