JMI Has a New Look

JMI Has a New Look

May 29, 2019

We’re the Same JMI. Just Better Looking.

Although the people inside our organization may have aged a tad over the last 30+ years, our brand is certainly looking more youthful with a recent makeover. We’re proud to announce a new logo and brand refresh for JMI Reports!

Over the years, logos have evolved to reflect the aesthetics that emotionally connect to customers. With the evolution of design throughout the past three decades, we realized it was time that our brand also reflect the heart of who we are.

The New Look: It’s More Than a Logo

A brand refresh is so much more than a marketing exercise. Many design iterations, meetings and hours of research went into determining how to visually convey our reflection of JMI and what we stand for, below. Do you see any of these characteristics when you look at the logo?

  • Your Eyes on the Ground: For more than 30 years, we’ve been a virtual set of eyes on the ground for our insurance clients. Our talented field reps survey properties to reveal important risk data.
  • Insurtech Solutions for the Overwhelmed: We’re proud to provide smart, useful data as the insurance industry seeks better, more accurate ways to assess insurance-to-value and simplify their workflow.
  • Partnerships, Not Projects: Our clients are more than a project — they’re our friends, cohorts and the reason we love what we do. Simply put, we love to serve them by being responsive and by providing custom solutions to meet their ever-changing needs.
  • Reassurance, Communication and Intelligence: Brand colors represent intelligent data that ultimately their bottom lines. Blue represents communication and trust — at the top of our values and what our clients need.

Staying True to Ourselves

With this redesign, we’re creating space for our brand to grow and connect with even more incredible customers. We didn’t want to lose our heritage in the process, so we focused on capturing the essence of what JMI has always been: An authentic, trustworthy partner who delivers intellectual property profiles, data insights, workflow efficiencies, and cost-savings solutions that make a positive impact on our clients.

We want to show our customers that change is good for business, and that taking risks in the right areas can give you the confidence to make a positive impact on your business and, more importantly, on your clients.

We’re rolling out so many more materials in the coming road ahead, so stay tuned for updates. To learn more about our property profiles and insurance solutions, contact us at 800-772-0436 or at

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