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Aug, 2020

What Causes Replacement Cost Variance?

Policyholders may get sticker shock when they find out the cost to rebuild their home, particularly when it doesn’t match insurance policy replacement value estimates. Our guide outlines what factors go into replacement assessments, plus gives 5 reasons why a difference could occur. Underwriters should consider these issues when doing property evaluations.

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Jul, 2020

Prevent the Risk of Having an Underinsured Policy With These Steps

Nationwide has estimated nearly two-thirds of homes in the United States are underinsured. The insurance and financial services company reported that the average underinsurance amount is 22% but that properties could be underinsured for as much as 60% or more. It’s important insurance personnel, particularly those making decisions on new and renewing policies in the […]

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Jun, 2020

Is Sketching Necessary in the Underwriting Process for Property and Casualty Insurance?

Structural diagrams can depict essential information needed during the underwriting process such as building shape and square footage. Sketching has been a traditional element underwriters take into consideration; however, the property insurance industry is trending that these drawings may not be as useful during the data-gathering procedures to decide whether to underwrite a policy. More […]

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May, 2020

Cross the (Property) Line. Hidden Risks May Lurk Next Door

The fields and trees that once surrounded the home of your insurance carrier’s potential new client have recently been replaced by a school on one side and a shopping center on the other. How does what’s next door affect someone looking to change their property insurance policy? Property loss and liability exposures caused by what’s […]

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Jun, 2019

Steve Harris Shares Business Insights with Kent State Students

Would you consider an office keg an employee benefit? Steve Harris, Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Administrative Officer for JMI Reports recently posed this question to Kent State University students. Along with two other experts, Steve spoke to about 150 business and HR students about emerging trends, speaking from “the perspective of the business leader” […]

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May, 2019

JMI Has a New Look

We’re the Same JMI. Just Better Looking. Although the people inside our organization may have aged a tad over the last 30+ years, our brand is certainly looking more youthful with a recent makeover. We’re proud to announce a new logo and brand refresh for JMI Reports! Over the years, logos have evolved to reflect […]

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Jan, 2019

JMI Employee Event Ignites the Company for Future Growth

Because our employees are stationed across several U.S. states to serve our many clients, our “family reunions” are an exciting time for the company. This January, our 61 employees gathered to spend a full day at an offsite event space, Georgetown Restaurant and Vosh, Lakewood, OH to get informed, enlightened and excited about our future as […]

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